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Early Intervention speech therapy brisbane

Nurture Nest provides support for children with developmental delays and complex needs. We specialise in paediatric speech therapy in Brisbane and believe that early intervention is so important. Making the most of the brain’s magical plasticity in the critical early years is what we do best, to achieve your child’s fullest potential.

Speech therapy that’s family-centred, evidence-based, caring and fun.

Some of the conditions we can help with:

  • Late Talkers
  • Speech-sound delay or disorder
  • Developmental Language delay or disorder
  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech
  • Specific Learning Disability – Reading or Spelling (Dyslexia or Dysgraphia)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Down Syndrome
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Complex Communication Needs
  • Dysphagia
  • Social Communication Disorder
  • Motor Speech Delay or Dysathria
  • Paediatric Feeding Disorder
  • Picky Eaters
  • Other Syndromes and Genetic Conditions
  • Hypotonia
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Global Developmental Delay

A community-based approach to speech therapy

Nurture Nest Speech Pathology provides assessment and therapy in your home or educational facility, as well as providing sessions at our clinic in Aspley for those who do not wish to fund travel.

Why community-based support?

  • You and your child are comfortable
  • Daily routines and activities can be integrated in therapy
  • Parents, Carers and Educators can be involved in therapy, which meets evidence-based practice in early intervention
  • Support for generalisation of therapy gains to daily settings, interactions and relationships is possible
  • There’s capacity for social inclusion
  • We have the ability to engage in a variety of play, including outside play and play meeting your child’s sensory needs
  • Efficient use of time for your busy family.

Assessment and therapy to meet your child’s needs


  • Assessment of infant and child feeding and drinking skills
  • Provision of mealtime management plans
  • Mealtime reports
  • Community-based support and liaison for transition to or from tube-feeding
  • Prescription of mealtime utensils
  • Certified SOS Therapist
  • Therapy to develop oromotor, sensory and emotional-behavioural skills related to mealtimes
  • Integrated, interdisciplinary therapy
  • SOS Feeding therapy groups (in collaboration with an SOS-certified OT)
  • Referrals and liaison with ENT’s, Dietitians, OT’s and Paediatricians to meet holistic care needs.


  • Assessment, reporting, programs and therapy for speech delay and disorder including CAS.
  • Assessment, reporting, programs and therapy for language delay and disorder.
  • Assessment, reporting, programs and therapy for phonological awareness and literacy as well as spoken and written narratives. Sounds-Write individual and group programs available.
  • Alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) trial, prescription, intervention and consultation
  • Education and parent-coaching for early communicative development – certified HANEN ITTT Therapist
  • Narrative assessment and therapy.


  • Assessment, reporting, programs and therapy for pragmatic and social skills
  • Support for children on the Autism Spectrum (ASD) – Neurodiversity Affirming Therapist certified in Natural Language Acquisition for Gestalt Language Processors
  • Provision of therapy dyads for play, social and communicative development
  • DIR Floortime Therapy
  • Attachment-informed therapies to support your family
  • Referrals to complementary therapy programs
  • Group programs including Social Stars for 3-5 years and Prep readiness programs (run in collaboration with an OT)
  • Certified HANEN More Than Words practitioner – Parent Coaching for Autistic Children

We also offer

Community Education

Nurture Nest have a keen interest in impacting change at a wider level than the family unit alone. We can provide education and consultation packages for schools, daycares and kindergartens in the local area.

Topics include Communication development, Feeding development, Social-communicative and play support, Integrating Alternative and Augmentative Communication and Prep readiness.

Clinical Supervision

Anna Blee (CP-SLP) provides clinical supervision for Speech Pathologist’s around Australia privately. If you are interested in this, please refer to the Speech Pathology Australia website, or email Anna at: .

Please note that sessions will focus only on the early intervention or primary aged-child and will not cover fluency or voice.


If you wish to book an appointment, please get in touch with your basic details and we will get back to you to either book you a time, or add you to our waitlist.

You do not need a GP referral to attend and can self-refer at any time, though we do welcome referral letters and reports from other professionals also – please send these to .

Nurture Nest has a cancellation policy in place. This is in an effort to best support those families that need us. If you call, email or text to cancel outside of 48 hours there is no cancellation fee. A full fee is incurred for cancellations within 48 hours as per the current NDIS guidelines.

We are located at 18 Chartwell Street, Aspley, and there’s plenty of street parking available to you when attending therapy. If attending the clinic, please come to the white French doors and take a seat – your Therapist will come out to greet you at your session time.

If someone in your child’s educational or medical team has suggested an assessment, the chances are this is warranted. If your child is not meeting any of their expected milestones in communication, play, social skills or feeding, it’s best to seek an assessment and get support early. The brain is amazing and is able to form new nerve networks with the right input in the early years, so capitalising on this can be critical.

We are also advocates of parental instinct at Nurture Nest, so if you have concerns, we validate your need to get this checked and at best gain some reassurance from an expert.

Nurture Nest Speech-Language Pathologists can complete a range of standardised and informal assessments, and reports, in order to contribute to a team diagnostic process. Things that might be explored include:

  • Developmental Language Disorder
  • Speech Sound Disorder (including Childhood Apraxia of Speech)
  • Specific Learning Disability – Reading (formerly known as Dyslexia)
  • Developmental Fluency Disorder (stuttering)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • and more.

Please note that for most diagnoses, a Developmental Paediatrician will be required to finalise this in writing.

Nurture Nest can provide assessment and reporting in order to support your access to NDIS or Early Childhood Early Intervention funding if it is deemed appropriate given your child’s therapy needs.

At Nurture Nest we support clients from 4 months of age (this would revolve around infant feeding). Communication support in the form of parent education and coaching can also commence from a very early age. We are big advocates that parents do not ‘sit and wait’ if they have concerns, and support a pro-active and preventative approach when possible to ensure the best possible outcomes for your little treasures.

The cost of reports varies considerably depending on the purpose, audience, complexity and length. Assistive Technology reports also attract a higher cost due to the time and detail that is required by the NDIS to have high-level equipment approved. All reports are charged pro-rata of the hourly rate ($193.99) based on the time taken. Please feel free to discuss your needs with your treating Therapist.

Nurture Nest Speech Pathology places the highest importance on working collaboratively with the other important people in your child’s life. There is a multitude of research supporting the efficacy of holistic, multidisciplinary care. You as the family are also critical to the team and your opinion and feedback is welcomed and heard. We are able to organise case conferences, consultation visits and education based on your unique needs.

Let’s work together

If you’re interested in your child joining our speech therapy in Brisbane, we would love to hear from you.